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Basically, when people say that their efficiency cannot be measured, be aware that they’re simply lying to you…


We know it very well, as our track record of almost 10, 000 cases has a striking, 98% mark of precise projections across the board of different industries and business sectors!

Food Industry

This industry is among the most competitive and globalized of all business sectors. And if you want an example of that, just hear out that one of our recent market research shows that many of America’s best-known food packagers, such as Heinz, get 30%, 50% and even higher percentages of their total revenues from outside the U.S

Renewable Energy

Just a few decades ago the renewable energy sources were considered to be hugely inferior to the fossil fuels, both in its development, pricing and prospectives. Year 2016 could not have proven to be more of a contrast to that notion. The new developments in the alternative energy industry are improving in technology and efficiency.


Just to give you an understanding of the scale, think that the total number of people using the Internet has reached nearly 3 billion—many are on smartphones. China holds the world’s highest number of Internet users, far more than the U.S. Meanwhile, the number of American homes and businesses with broadband Internet access…

Insurance Industry

The modern insurance industry is getting globalized even quicker than the experts were anticipating a few years ago. This happens mostly due to a fact that the cross-border investments and acquisitions change the overall situation in this business field. Better risk management, specialty insurance products and increased use of underwriting…

Investment Industry

While investments are considered to be safer in 2016-2017, than let’s say in 2008-2009, still the investment industry is reeling from massive changes and challenges. Privately held wealth funds have amassed trillions of dollars for investment goals. Markets, from commodities to stocks to debt instruments and conventional bonds, are all the subjects of some…

Real Estate & Construction

While it is a fact that the real estate and construction sectors were hit hard by the Great Recession of 2008-09, 8 years later these markets have rebounded significantly, which is a trend across the globe today. This is true for either commercial or residential types of construction and real estate sales… For example, in the U.S….

Info Tech

The worldwide IT industry continues to expand gradually, with innovative new hardware, software and services rolled out every day. In the meantime, important new developments are trending, including software-as-a-service, and the “cloud” of data and miscellaneous gadgets. Designing devices so that they consume less electric power continues to be a prime focus, while mobile devices offer a soaring

Entertainment & Media

Entertainment industry is now on the rise, with the global market expanding both in audience and in yearly revenue. Though the modern entertainment and media industry currently faces a lot of crucial changes to how it operates, with big companies not always keeping up with it better, than the smaller players on the market.

Retail Industry

This research paper includes trends and a thorough analysis of the most recent retail technologies, chain stores, shopping centers, mergers, finances and some projections for the further growth within the industry. Also included in this book are several major statistical highlights, which show everything from total U.S. retail sales by year and by sector

Healthcare Industry

As far as we’ve concerned with the state of the marketing research industry today, this research paper is the only complete reference to the American Health Care Industry and its trends, technologies and top players. This book covers comparisons of national health expenditures, advancing technologies, equipment and new pharmaceutical…

Hotel & Travel

Speaking not just about the US, but rather globally, the traveling and tourism industry is going through a series of strategic changes in the way the profit is gained nowadays. As an example of those new developments, the airlines are charging numerous fees in a bid to boost their income per seat and per passenger mile. Cruise lines order a construction of new…

Advertising & Branding

Just like many other sectors of the economy, the advertising business is now through a rough transition of swift changes. Main external factors contributing to that are the digital media channels and the brands’ further globalization. This has led to the creation and mergers for a whole new type of digital advertising agencies, just as well as it sparked a multinational agencies rise…

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